527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars

1934 FORD 1934 NZ NEW SEDAN  

Selling Price: POA  |  527 Moorhouse Ave

Vehicle ID: #2631

Body Sedan
FuelSaver -1 out of 6 stars, $-1 p.a.


What an absolute old stunner this NZ new Right Hand Drive survivor 34 is!

A personal favourite of Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde fame, the 34 Ford was arguably the most handsome of all the pre war Fords, and even today if you're lucky enough to see one in person, they are still a gorgeous example of simply timeless elegance.
This old darling is a very well known long term local Christchurch identity, and she's pretty much seen the lot in her 85 years, from a world war, to devastating earthquakes, and now terrorism, and she's still here, still in CH CH, and still going strong at the ripe old age of 85 years of age...
Restored from what was clearly a very good car to a very high standard many years ago, and with a lot of attention to detail from its passionate owner, who cherished this prized example for over 35 years, this now older restoration is looking just right and showing its age with paint chips and minor marks basically around most of the body, but they far from detract from her character, and are all being worn as absolute badges of honour, as she's earned them all.
The body is in remarkable shape, testament to its old school restorers, and the paintwork is proper old school lacquer, not that flashy new two pack stuff, no no, she's finished in deep Washington Blue Dulon with Tacoma cream wheels and the three hand laid stripes along the body line, so absolutely looks the part.
The interior is showing a little wear in places, but generally presents really well, and this example has refreshingly been trimmed in a period correct style, and everything appears to be present and correct, with all of the rare little trinkets still in place.
The engine runs beautifully in this 34, and appears to be a correct 34 engine from what we can determine, it ticks over smoothly, and starts first pop, just like a good flattie should, and the overall driving experience is certainly a lot better than would be expected at this age, the restoration was in its day as good as you would get, and the car has had 35 + years of consistent care and fettling, and it's been driven and sorted over this time to be as good as you would ever expect to get.
Sadly this example which was never going to be sold is only on the market due to its owners poor health, so this is a rare opportunity to own a really good old survivor 34, that's fresh out of recent storage, with a nice new set of correct tires, that is on the button, and will be delivered with a new W.O.F and updated rego for her cool old Black licence Plates.
If you could find a complete 34 today and had the time and funds to restore it, you certainly couldn't do it for anywhere near close to the price of this one....the family would really like this faithful old friend to go to a good home, and be kept and enjoyed just the way she is, it is still a really drivable old car, and will more than likely happily carry on just the way it is, if treated the same way it has been over the years.

Inspection welcome, a lovely old car that will impress a genuine buyer.


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