527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars


Selling Price: $49,999  |  527 Moorhouse Ave

Vehicle ID: #2675

Body Sedan
Engine 4063cc, Petrol
Transmission 3 speed manual
FuelSaver -1 out of 6 stars, $-1 p.a.

Some cars are just born to be cool.....and this old Fat Fendered Buick is certainly one of them!
Even by name this things cool, her full title is the 1950 Buick Special Series 40 Deluxe Jetback Sadanette! complete with the Fireball Straight Eight engine! this thing was just straight up cool from the day it rolled off the line!
And nothing's changed, cool is cool, be it 1950 or today, almost 70 years later! this car simply just has presence...
This car is the ultimate automotive statement, absolute art in motion, and a car that's earned genuine patina laying around out in the Nevada desert .
The history that accompanies this example is pretty cool to, originally owned by Bob Hope, (not that Bob Hope) she originally came from the high dry area of Colorado before making her way to Reno Nevada to be perfectly sun burned by the desert sun getting well roasted for around 7 years, before being offered for sale and spotted by a Kiwi who called to enquire about the body condition, specifically rust...when he was told by the seller, Son it hasn't rained here for over 3 years!
So over she came to NZ, and all was confirmed, she was indeed a rust free survivor with an amazing straight body, and an even better patina!
Recently fettled up to be a good reliable old driver and having proved itself with around 2500 miles with its current owner, this now fully LVVTA certified example has had the benefit of having been converted to 12 volt, fitted with new correctly reset lowered coils, new kingpins, wheel bearings, heavy duty sway bars, new brakes, drums skimmed etc, and new Munro telle shocks fitted to the front with new air shocks in the rear, all courtesy of Jalopy engineering in Blenheim, so is now driving and handling far superior to, and well beyond its original capabilities.
The big slogger 248 cube Straight Eight runs nice and shifts through a 3 speed manual transmission, and all works as it should, giving a pretty impressive drive for a big old cruiser.
The interior is desert fresh and very well loved or very well used depending on your opinion, let's just say its "comfortable"...however the magnificent dashboard makes up for it all by looking like a duke box! with magnificent knobs and buttons for everything.
Over the original old weathered green paintwork are Gonk applied pin stripes, and a coat of clear to protect the surface rust from getting any "better" while lovely big proper wide whites and full face caps complete the overall cool factor of this big old beauty.
A well presented package if you like your cars toasty fresh with plenty of personality and grungy character! if you're after a restored trailer queen that wont mark its territory with good old oil leaks in the drive way, and that everything still works on... then this certainly isn't the car for you.
Good to go, and ready to provide plenty of smiles per gallon!


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