527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars

1972 FORD CAPRI 3000E 

Selling Price: $45,999  |  527 Moorhouse Ave

Vehicle ID: #2768

Body Coupe
Engine 3000cc, Petrol
Transmission 4-Speed Manual
FuelSaver -1 out of 6 stars, $-1 p.a.

The car you always promised yourself!

Now this is a very rare survivor....a genuine V6 Manual 3000E E - for Executive, and that's exactly what you got..these cars where the absolute top of the line in their class, and Ford hailed them as the very best Capri of the time.

As was Fords recipe for success with the first Ford Mustangs, you could custom order pretty much anything to personalize your new Capri from a base 1300 poverty pack with hub caps right up to the top line 3000E model with its unique pleated interior and padded dash accents, leather wrapped alloy spoke sports wheel, opening rear windows, heated rear window, driving lamps, custom rear finisher panel, vinyl top, sports road wheels, the list just went on an on!

This genuine old survivor is a exceptionally rare car on our shores, originally coming here in 1975 as a private import, and would have been a very desirable and expensive high performance car in its day.
The honest old body is clean and reasonably straight with the usual expected blemishes of a 50 year old unrestored car, but presents well in the original Sapphire Blue metallic hue complemented by the very 70s sheik black vinyl top !
The paintwork is presentable with most panels having a small mark bump or little blemish of some sort, but again presents very well over all, and has a good honest driven and enjoyed appearance.
The unique interior is a combination of original trim with some refurbishment having been carried out in the past which makes it very serviceable, and the unique luxury E interior fittings all appear to be present and largely correct, including the rear armrests and padded pleated trim.
The 3000 V6 engine appears to be very willing and performs just like it should having quite a few receipts for relatively recent full reconditioning work, while the gearbox shifts like a 3000 Manual should, and the genuine heavy duty V6 diff is tight and quiet, So just
as these cars were well respected for their performance back in their day, this one still doesn't disappoint even some 50 years on!
Decent serviceable chrome and trim complement the exterior of this stunning looking old Capri, and the original style rostyle wheels still look the part today.
Born as genuine 3000 V6 car with all of the correct unique factory body reinforcements still present, this is not just another transplanted 1600 like a lot are today, this one is the real deal...
A great fun classic and still very capable 70s English Muscle Car to simply drive and enjoy as is, or the perfect base for a refurbishment down the line, either way you couldn't go wrong with this car, it simply doesn't get much rarer for a Capri than a genuine 3000 manual E, and it's highly unlikely you will find another for sale anywhere in the world today...

A very rare opportunity....


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