527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars
527 Moorhouse Musclecars


Selling Price: $139,999  |  527 Moorhouse Ave

Vehicle ID: #2874

Body Coupe
Engine 5000cc, Petrol
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
FuelSaver -1 out of 6 stars, $-1 p.a.

The Copperhead Coupe!
If you think this gorgeous Coupe looks fantastic in the photos you will be even more impressed with the way it drives and performs...
A locally very well known and well respected steel bodied car this stunning Coupe is the product of many hours of painstaking work by a local Hot Rodder with a well earned reputation for undisputed high quality workmanship.
A previous NZ Hot Rod magazine feature car this magnificent Coupe remains un chopped, just the way Henry intended the beautiful design of his iconic creation to be, and true to its lineage is refreshingly powered by a small block Ford engine.
The boxed chassis has had a new K member installed and tucked neatly between the rails is a sweet roller cam 5.0 Injected small block running into a super smooth manual 5 speed transmission, and on into a Jaguar fully independent rear end.
Tucked up nicely between the front rails is a GM front beam with custom fabricated Jalopy Engineering top and bottom arms and adjustable coil over's, with the steering taken care of by a rack and pinion, topped by a Jaguar column with a reduced banjo style wheel.
Braking is taken care of by power assisted discs, P76 Rotors fitted to dropped HQ spindles, with HZ callipers up front and in board Jaguar discs out the back.
The beautiful stock style steel body has been treated to bear claw door latches and has a filled roof with glass guards and a functional cowl vent giving a tradition style and flair to this impressive package.
A genuine show quality standard car when originally built this little Coupe has been driven and enjoyed over the last few years and as a result has a few small paint imperfections blemishes and stone chips from being thoroughly enjoyed, but still generally presents very well over all with a fantastic appearance in the stunning shade of Copper Metallic, with hand painted traditional pin striping.
The interior as expected of this cars creator is a work of art with quality leather throughout and a very clever hand fabricated bench seat which is also trimmed in plush leather to match the door trims while high quality cloth and carpet extend throughout the cab and into the trunk areas, with a lot of neat subtle details throughout these areas to tie the detail together.
Beautiful chrome and stainless fittings adorn the exterior and sitting with just the right rake on a highly polished set of Torque Thrust alloys this Coupe looks every bit the quintessential hot rod.
Inspection will impress a genuine buyer, the opportunity to own one of these desirable cars like this doesn't happen every day, and It is no overstatement to say this is one of the nicest driving Hot Rods we have ever had the pleasure of bringing to the market, this car is delightful to drive and is very user friendly with exceptional manners .
A very hard car to replace today, the harsh reality is that the build cost or replacement of a car of this calibre today would be absolutely staggering by the time it hit the road with full LVVTA certification, and first you would have to find a steel 34 Coupe...


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